Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Am Not A Pitcher

     I do, however, appear to have done some damage to the rotator cuff of my left shoulder.  It's not getting better on its own -- quite the opposite.  Slipped badly leaning into my car Friday and it's gotten worse and worse ever since -- especially after I did the very same thing again Monday morning.

     Ice was little help.  Heat, likewise.  Hurt so much I had to take a prescription pain pill to get to sleep.  I'll make some calls this morning to see where I should go first.


Raz Raxxaffian said...

I can sympathize big time! Have been having issues with left shoulder for about a year due to untimely slippage (and unwise lifting) of too heavy a box.

Pain pills work a bit but side effects make them unpleasant. Have had the steroid injections in the shoulder socket, which has helped. they wear off in a couple of weeks though.

Best bet is to exercise caution (cautiously?), avoid overhead movement and lifting, and judicious use of heat and cold. Maybe a bit of ibuprofen.

Good luck girl...


tljhound said...

Long time reader and admirer of you and Tam, first time commenter.

I know more about doctoring livestock and hounds, no formal education just learning from need, than about human medicine but almost daily on the interwebs I read comments from those who insist they can with certainty diagnose and cure someone's ailment based on their experience. That aggravates me but ....I can't resist commenting:

My orthopedist recommended rotator cuff surgery but being stupid and hard headed I went with PT and three cortisone shots on the theory one should try every noninvasive option first. When I couldn't take the ever increasing pain and sleep deprivation any longer I went back and let him work his magic with a knife. The surgery and few weeks of physical therapy were only a minor annoyance and five or so years later my shoulder, not what it once was but at 65 what is, is useable and pain free.

Did I mention I'm stupid and hard headed and have spent my lifetime learning things the hard way ??

D.W. Drang said...

20 years in the Army, the VA says there's nothing wrong with me. Yeah, right.

I'm keep wishing that someone would develop some form of counter-gravity, so we could have null-G sleep fields of some sort.