Saturday, June 06, 2015

That Went Better Than Expected

     I wasn't sure how our FCC complaince audit at work was going to go -- I'd done everythig I knew to do, but there were a few things I was worried we'd get dinged on. 

     Turns out we're now obliged to have an RF Safety Program in place -- essentially, making sure that people do not, in defiance of company rules and State and Federal law, not to mention plain good sense, stick their heads in front of antennas radiating high-power radio frequency energy.  Or at least have records that they have been officially warned not to.  Other than that, the auditor remarked, "I wish every place organized their licenses and required record-keeping the way you people do."  Good to hear.


Merle Morrison said...

When I worked at a shipyard one of my duties was taking new hires aboard ship for a "familiarization" tour of various radio & radar systems on an aircraft carrier. The SPS-48 was lethal to 1100 yards, and that was a wake-up call to most folks.


John said...

How many times did I hear, "There are men working aloft, do not rotate or raditate." As Merle said, those things emit a lot of energy, at least the energy in the engineroom mostly stayed inside the steam wave guides. (yes of course, pipes.)

D.W. Drang said...

When I was at Ft Ord I had a company commander who related that, on one of the last REFORGER exercises, they had lost a Ground Surveillance Radar team. This being a particularly harsh German winter, they went out to find them.
Their jeep had died.
Ditto their radios.
They were huddled in front of their radar for warmth. "Well, it cooks food..."

Hammerbach said...

Nice to see you here, Merle!

Old NFO said...

Congrats! I know that was a lot of work behind the scenes!

Merle Morrison said...

Hammer - thank you! Merle