Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Between The Walls...

     Looking up the alley between Bent Rail Brewery and a building full of techitude (The Speak Easy and Developer Town).
There's a very busy cell tower just across the Monon, behind a storage center.
      Tam and I had dinner at Bent Rail Brewery last night. She had the charcuterie plate, which offers a nice assortment of meats, cheese, crustini and pickled vegetables including bright green Italian olives.  I went with pulled pork with a nice barbecue sauce, served on thick, toasted bread and topped with apple-cabbage coleslaw, a nice combination and just a bit askew to the ordinary.   Good food, friendly staff and a very large space that includes a pinball machine (under repair) and an interesting tabletop shuffleboard game, about 2/3 scale.  It's right along the Monon ex-railroad trail -- and they do have a bent rail.  Is it the eponymous rail of bendage, or just a contractor's pun?  I don't know.

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Anonymous said...

Not an expert, but I'm not certain that swerving the handrail around that rain leader is legal with handicap accessibility requirements. Ramp handrails are supposed to have a maximum distance from the wall (unless the ramped surface gets really wide - then they add an intermediate between the walls). The PDF document illustrates this.

But it does the job!