Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunday: Range, Public Greens, Fast Asleep By Four

     It was a fun day and it went all too fast (my doctor may be onto something with her theory that I have a sinus infection and haven't noticed).

     Tam and I decided to go over to Eagle Creek Pistol Range -- shotguns are okay there, too, and Tam brought hers...
     ...But only after Rannie checked the shotgun case for fit and comfort.

     I had my .22 Short H&R "Trapper" and 9-shot High-Standard Sentinel (.22 LR and down), plus an old Colt .32-20 that needed to have a couple of cylinders run through it.
  I'm rusty as can be, and wasn't shooting well enough to suit me, two or three outside the 3" center for every ten shots at seven yards.  I had a box of really badly-primed Remington -- three tries in two different spots ought to fire a .22 cartridge -- and did better after I dug into some Federal.  The CCI shorties for the Trapper were reliable as can be, so I can't blame fliers on them.

     But I can take artsy pictures!

    Eagle Creek airport was busy too, and one of the approaches takes airplanes right next to the range -- out from under the roof, you can look westward and see the little planes zooming by as they come in to land.  (Worrywarts can look the geometry of this up on Google Maps -- the planes are quite safe from the partially-roofed range.)

     After our range time, we washed up and headed for the delightful Public Greens, Tam's concession to my limited dining-out time (she was hungry for a charcuterie plate, and who could blame her?)  Instead, she went with chicken fingers and fried green tomatoes, a treat they do as well as I have ever had this side of the Mason-Dixon line (other than at home as child).  I begged a small one from her, which added to a huge sandwich and mixed-greens salad:
     That's yet another take on pork bahn mi, and remarkably flavorful.  It helps that Public Greens grows a lot of their own vegetables right next to the restaurant and what you eat was rooted in the earth not an hour or two before arriving at your plate -- and it helps even more that they have simply outstanding talent in the kitchen.

     I didn't think I could eat all of it but each bite was better than the one before and in what seemed like no time at all, I was looking at an empty plate and wondering what happened.

     We went home, unpacked and were greeted by The King Of The House.
     I decided to lay down for just a minute and the next time I opened my eyes, it was ten p.m.  I went back to sleep for eight more hours and here I am.

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RandyGC said...

Re the flight path relative to the range. In the 80's the Offutt AFB skeet range was next to the touch down portion of the Runway 30, in a direct line of sight from the shooting positions. Of course we were far enough away to keep the bird shot from impacting on the runway, but some of the maintenance guys had fun "shooting at" some of their more problematic birds.