Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weather Makes Time Run Backwards?

     I don't know about that, but time did seem a little askew yesterday.  In evidence, here's downtown Indianapolis at noon yesterday--
My phonecam has auto-iris.  To the naked eye, this looked even darker.

     And at 7:30 p.m.--
Might be dragons.
     That little sputtery-exhaust trail of cloud was the only cloud in the sky.  It didn't last; thunderheads were boiling out of the northwestern sky by the time I got home.  By nine last night, we had lightning, thunder and pouring rain.  I woke at midnight to more of the same, and again a 3:30 this morning to, yes, even more of the same plus flickering lights.  Ugly power hits -- off, half-bright (air-conditioner groaning), too bright, off -- and so on.

     It's looking calmer this morning but I'm not inclined to trust appearances.

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Old NFO said...

We're going to get that tonight... sigh