Wednesday, July 08, 2015


     Tam, heading out on an emergency* pistachio gelato run: "Don't wait your dinner on me -- I'll be back any second!"

     RX:  "Better hurry, then.  You don't want to meet yourself coming back in!"

     Yeah, had to say it -- but you know if it happened, they'd fight.

     Dinner was hot dogs and an heirloom tomato garnish plate with hot pickled veggies and a caperberry.  The tomato was sliced, sprinkled with "Italian" seasoning (basil, a hint of garlic, etc.), pepper and a little salt and allowed to sit.  De-lish!  And I'm trying bruschetta in lieu of chili on my hot dog.  It's pretty good.  Black-cherry soda with a hint of black walnut extract, too.
* Don't judge us by this.  It made perfect sense at the time.


Home on the Range said...

I need to make my dark chocolate and pistachio swirl bundt cake and lay it on the alter of the porch gnome that was stolen.

Now I have to find some gelato.

JayNola said...

But would they go Marquis of Queensbury or straight to the gats?

Countglockula said...

You makin' me hungry...
It's amazing what you can do to a basic hot dog, turning it from a mutt to a purebred suitable for the westminster show!

Ian Argent said...

That is a perfectly reasonable emergency run