Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Welcome To Indiana

     How long can you tread water?  --We dodged the worst of the deluge at Rosholme Cottage yesterday but the ground is soaked and the more it rains, the more I worry.

     Naturally, it's supposed to keep raining off and on through Friday.  Some people in Indy are already flooded out and the question is, will it rain more quickly that the water can drain away, or not?


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

One of the few disadvantages of Indiana. Where to put the water. Can't shunt it down the hill. There aren't any.

B said...

yeah, we had that up here farther north a few weeks ago.

Ran out of downhill for the water to go.

My yard is still saturated in spots. Can't mow because the consistency of the ground is that of oatmeal....which is better than the pudding it was.....

At least you got the river for the water to flow into where you are.

Hope you stay dry enough.


Ian Argent said...

So far, so good here in the Garden State. When it rains, it pours (into my basement). The closest I've come to being flooded was when I had to reset the breaker the sump pump (and a bunch of other crap) was on, while standing in ankle-deep water. I have since added a second pump and french drain system, doubled the amperage of the breaker box, and EACH pump is on its own dedicated circuit... Since then we've had flooding rain without power loss, and power loss without flooding rain. I have a backup plan; which is basically an inverter and a big marine lead-acid battery (inverter rated for the startup of either motor, and tested). One of these days I want to get a generator, but so far the only power outage lasting more than an hour was due to Sandy. So we shall see.