Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bad Choices In The News

Item: the Alabama tenure shooter bears a certain scary resemblance to the television-commercial actress who (at least in the commercial) gets goosebumps over a certain dark chocolate and peppermint candy. ...I'm not sayin' it's crazy to enjoy candy but, umm, there's a limit.

Item: the murderous moron who flew a light aircraft into the building housing his local IRS office: don't you wish someone had taken just five minutes to explain to him about truck-portable EMP devices? After all, if it saves even one life, who cares about those dusty ol' computer files?


Carteach said...

I would bet.... if I build one at school and activate it, they would spend the next thirty days attempting to send me nasty e-mail memos about it.

Rabbit said...

He was a software guy, not a hardware guy. Where I work, Software always blames Hardware.


sam said...


It's not just where you work.

BobG said...

Reminds me of the ancient joke:

"How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?"

Answer: programmers don't change light bulbs, that's hardware.

Geodkyt said...

Three guys are riding to a business meeting.

The Super MBA.

The Engineer.

The Programmer.

While riding down a hill in the middle of nowhere, the brakes fail, and teh car crashes into the ditch.

Super MBA: We need to form an Action Group of Automotivated Quality People, so that the resulting Tiger Team can apply Six Sigma to teh Process. Then we can develope a Plan Forward and decide what to do.

Engineer: I've go my Leatherman right here, a mini socket set, and a roll of duct tape. I can tear these puppies down and get us back on the road in about an hour. . . at least good enough to get to the next town.

Programmer: Why don't we push it up to the top of the hill three more times and see if we can replicate the fault?

Timmeehh said...
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Timmeehh said...

Three guys from IBM, a salesman, a HW Tech and a programmer are driving down the road when their car gets a flat.

They all get out to look at it. The salesman says, "will you look at that, we need to buy a new car". The HW Tech says, "why don't we put the back tires on the front and the front tires on the back and see what happens". The programmer says, "why don't we do nothing and see if the problem resolves itself".

BobG said...

I remember when I went back to school to study programming. We had one student who had a program he was working on crash. So he kept loading it up and trying to run it. After about the fourth crash the teacher finally told him: "You have to fix it; it won't get better all by itself."

Comrade Misfit said...

Wait until some clown builds one of those puppies and tries it out on an Airbus on short final..