Saturday, February 06, 2010

On The Broadripple Ice Shelf

I've got to get out there and shovel some of this. It kinda stuck to stuff:Please to note the pitter-patter of little postman feet in the foreground. "Neither rain nor snow..." And our guy takes it seriously!

Back yard, more of the same. Note the stockade walls of Fort Bobbi, all snowed upon:Oh-my-life: I worked an early shift yesterday and was pretty happy: it was setting me up nicely to rise at oh-dark-thirty today and get to the Indiana Historical Radio Society meet early (for once). Cancelled due to snow; just as well, lotta the more-interesting members are folks of an age I'd worry about in a snow this heavy. But still, darn it!


Jeffro said...

Very wise of you not to show your machine gun nests in the stockade walls. For tactical reasons and all.

wv: rambo - no really, that's what it said!

Firehand said...

They're predicting another storm with 3-6 inches here in central OK Monday.

I'm gonna find Algore and dump him in a well at least 500 miles from here; this crap is getting old.

Timmeehh said...


We'll have to change Indianapolis on all the maps now to read: "Fort Bobbi" :)

WV = derairi

A milk producing farm in Tipperary.

Anonymous said...

Here, about an hour NE of Columbus, we had most of 15inches of snow. A lot of wet/heavy underneath. Got the back and side gates open and ran the snowblower throught the yard, past our front porch, and across the neighbor's yard [with their permission] for our mailman. He was appreciative, as most driveways, walks, and the road had not been plowed. OldeForce
wv - scity. As in...