Thursday, February 11, 2010


Talking idly the other day -- the general topic was the dizzying variety of, and colorful names for, freeway interchanges -- I found myself muttering, "There's a word for everything..."

Nope. Wrong. See, there's no word for having a word for everything; so it blows up right at the starting gate. Oh, well.


Newbius said...

Would "omnilexic" work?

og said...

There is a word for everything exzcept a word for a word for everything, and here they all are.

Anonymous said...

I would like words for the following things:

1. That inch of bonus coffee which you forgot about in your cup, and

2. The one piece of pizza that comes with the big wad of toppings pirated from all the other slices.



Anonymous said...

1. Yay!

2. MINE!