Monday, February 15, 2010

Is This Guy High?

I mean, he writes:
In addition, we [the U. S. FedGov] need to think about what taxes to raise, whether we sell land, whether we acquire nation-states or territories (Africa states? Siberian land?), whether we merge with Canada to form a more robust (and energy independent) mega-nation. These are the big issues of US restructuring. And they are all on the table. Except they are not.
[Emphasis mine] Maybe it's supposed to be humor? Or did I miss the merge/expansion talks?


Don said...

He has either made an extremely poor attempt at humor, or he's very, very high. I can't imagine it any other way.

Joanna said...

Maybe he got halfway through "Heart of Darkness" and then had to return it to the library before he could finish.

Or maybe he's just really freakin' high.

John Peddie (Toronto) said...

Merger with Canada?

Sorry idjit,that's just not on.

We're like, you know, an independent country and prefer it that way.

Besides, we enough problems of our own already-don't need to import more.

If this guy wants to "merge" with someone for their energy, try the mid-East.

"Manifest Destiny" as a policy option for the U.S. died a discredited death sometime before 1900...but the breathtaking arrogance which fuelled it clearly remains alive in at least one dark corner south of the 49th parallel.

Roberta X said...

John, I totally agree with not merging; both side of the border have their own unique stuff to worry about. OTOH, "Manifest destiny? An' wot, your lot never massacreed anybody for King and Country?
...Some names spring to mind... Ever hear of "Metis?" OTOOH, we are not our ancestors; guilt is not inheritable.

John Peddie (Toronto) said...


The really funny part here is that, if this guy got his merger with Canada, the number of newly- enfranchised Democrat voters would match those of California, while the new Republicans could hold their conventions in a telephone booth.

Don't quite think he thought that part through. Maybe he planned a second, non-voting class of citizenry.

Just for a giggle, you should know that both of my children have what used to be called "Indian Status" cards, and my brother-in-law is a professor specializing in Canadian "Aboriginal studies".

Stuff like that happens when you marry an "Indian girl" :-)

Besides, all we really did was create the RCMP and send them westward, just didn't canonize the process with a fancy capitalized name :-)

Didn't need to, being bashful Canucks. Mounties always get territory? whatever.

Stretch said...

"acquire nation-states or territories (Africa states? Siberian land?), whether we merge with Canada to form a more robust (and energy independent) mega-nation."

Ah! We need more 'living space.' Go ahead Mr. Ellis, I'll wait while you look it up.

Not high ... brain dead.

Anonymous said...

While I wouldn't support it, I have no problems "merging" with Canada, Mexico ... or Japan for that matter. In fact there is already a legal process in place to form a North American Union (or World Government, for that matter).

Let them apply for statehood and abide by the US Constitution (it'd be nice if somebody did) and our current system of government.

The other legal way to do it would be to hold a Constitutional Convention and scrap the current system.

Any alternative method is sedition and treason against the US of A.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

He is clearly high.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

My first impression of this Ellis guy, John Peddie, was that he WAS a Democrat. It takes some kind of hopped up collectivist to entertain thought as these.

It looks like my initial impression/first read, may have been mistaken and he's just an insane power hungry loon. A caricature, at best.

George said...

Whew ... the entire original article is some piece of work. Having said that, though, I do recall someone mentioning that Haiti needed to be taken over by an industrialized (Western) nation. Canada was suggested as we've clearly demonstrated our inability to do anything consequential. (Erm ... does that mean we're harmless?)

There are many pluses to an economic union between Canada and the US ... but none of them are consequential (there's that word again) without a political union ... and such a union wouldn't fly here ... nor do I think it would in the US either.

I'd move to the US, of course, except for our free health care. (Do you hear some maniacal laughing at the use of 'free' and 'health care' in the same sentence?)

I do worry about my friends to the south of the world's longest continuous border. While we can't absorb you all, you can consider it. (For purposes of the 'undefended' portion of the border, consider the Canadian/American reserve at Cornwall, Ontario.)

Lastly, I do hope that the realities of the incompetence and immorality of the current version of the RCMP will penetrate the universal consciousness. Never have their practices and law keeping been as abysmal as right now. Any other law enforcement organization would have been wound up. The RCMP has nothing to do with the law, with enforcement or with being organized.

It is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Canadians.


Crucis said...

"The point being that "fixing" presidencies follows a time-honored script..."

Yes, and it usually is accompanied by shooting, ropes, trees or Guillotines.

There are procedures for fixing national leadership when it goes bad. Think the three boxes---soap box, ballot box, cartridge box.

Roberta X said...

George, John -- I try to stay out of Canadian politics for two simple reasons; first and foremost, I'm not Canadian; second, dammit, what most people in both nations (way more in mine than yours, I suspect) keep missin' is, we have radically different forms of government. Trying to suss the one out from a lifelong immersion in the other is a prescription for failure.

George: I'm sorry to hear the Mounties are not living up to their press. :( One can always press for improvement.

As for Canada running Haiti: why not? Not because the county is ineffectual but because Canadians are -- even the ones with whom I disagree on nearly everything -- a decent and honest bunch and agitprop accusations of exploitation are unlikely to be taken seriously.

Finally, on political parties after a hypothetical merger, I think a lot of .ca folk would find many of our Democrats too conservative and both of the main U.S. parties simply too askew from their issues and concerns; many would stick to their old parties; and that could make things interesting.

...I'm agin' Union but we (and in this case, mostly my side) otta work on openin' up that border to private individuals. I'm going to get yelled at by the Security-uber-alles gang but it seems plain silly to fuss much. Canada and the States are very different; but we're siblings nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Haiti: France made that mess, they can clean it up.


John Peddie (Toronto) said...

Roberta, as usual, has the wisest word.

Let's stick to friends, neighbours, trading partners and visiting back and forth. That approach has worked well for a long, long time.