Friday, February 05, 2010

Local Paper Salutes Mayor's Support Of Gun Ban

Yes, the timid dears cowering under desks in the [Red] Star's editorial offices are cheering our Mayor's most recent misstep. The paper could not be more pleased to see him promising to veto a proposed city ordinance that would allow law-abiding permit-holders to carry their firearms in city parks. They even go so far as to chitter against allowing weapons in State parks, a change over two years old that has resulted in zero (0) problems.

...And all this under a proud quoting of the First Amendment. Only one that matters, Mr. Editor? Keep dreamin'.

Gee, it all hearkens back to the old days when the city paper fretted over removing the ban on "negros" in the parks. They predicted ruination then, too.


og said...

Mencken is spinning.

Joanna said...

Given that the first couldn't be enforced without the threat of the second ...

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

But the fishwrap thinks the threat should be wielded only by officers of the state.

You and I are just peons who need to be put in our place and be forced to buy their catbox liner. We don't need guns, we can dial 911.