Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday, Oh, Sunday

...And I did not post this morning. With reason: the long-absent Data Viking once again visited this fair and pleasant land, arriving at a fine morning hour and we did raid the used-book stores of the South side (Books On Sale and Book Nook, at Hwy. 31 and Stop 13 Road and nowhere on the innerw3bz). I picked up several more Repairman Jack novels and some other odds and ends, and he managed to find a half-dozen tomes not in his vast private library. Came home, picking up some wonderful grub at Locally Grown Gardens along the way: salmon on a bed of herbs and exotic salad for him and an open-faced hickory-smoked barbecue sammich on fresh, homemade whole-wheat bread for me, 'cos it is the weekend. Considering the astounding salad his salmon was nestled in, I think he may've got the better deal, though the hog & sauce is definitely world-class.

After that, a grocery expedition, 'cos it was needed; and thus I am only now posting.

I have been reading Bruce Sterling's Distraction between times and I b'lieve I shall go back that. Book report may follow.

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Scott said...

Repairman Jack is a wee bit addicting.