Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympics II

...Do you have any idea how weird it is to turn on the TV and see a long shot with a "LIVE" bug, showing what appears to be the exact same dome demolished here in Indy in 2008?

Oh, noes! There are more pups from the same litter:
RCA Dome
BC Place
The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (H'mm, structure supported by nothin' but a whole lotta air, named after a politician? Wowza, who'd'a thunk it, evar?)
Pontiac Silverdome
Carrier Dome (that pup may have a different Papa: the vertical sides look striped!)

The RCA Dome was the youngest of the lot and the first to go. Perhaps we didn't feed it properly?


Mr.Wolf said...

The antipodean version. Burswood dome, here in Perth. Lots of odd lice on this pup, though. When I saw Simon and Garfunkel there last year, it was INFESTED with silver-topped bipeds in too-tight blue jeans and black leather jackets with straining zips.

The Big Guy said...

Yeah- every 3 years HKS Inc digs out the same old set of Autocad 9 .dwg files and submits them to whatever municipality that wishes to pound money down a ($#@&*ing BIG) hole in the ground and builds yet another one of these horrors...

Tragic, really.

Drang said...

I believe the Pontiac Debtdome was the first...

Roberta X said...

Yes and no -- not counting (smaller) radomes and tennis courts, the very first was puffed up for the U.S. exhibition hall at Expo '70 in Osaka, Japan. More info here.

Old Grouch said...

The RCA Dome was the youngest of the lot and the first to go. Perhaps we didn't feed it properly?

That's OK, we're still paying for it :-P

TW: syconarc - guy leading that "dynamic entry" raid.

Kevin said...

It is strange to be channel surfing and all of a sudden see ladies in spandex shooting rifles and ski away.
on NBC broadcast even. Women, guns and no fake gore or explosions? WTF up wit dat?
What if the children had stumbled onto that and saw a rifle used in a sporting event?

hpcc19 said...

The Geiger Berger air supported cabled structures are by far the cheapest, safest way to enclose large spaces. Perhaps that is why they were "obsoleted"

I really liked the ones I visited.