Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Work On A Starship

New content at I Work On A Starship, as The Battle Of Ganymede concludes. Here's a sample:

Sudden movement caught his eye; he looked up in time to see rocks, dust and ice hanging in the middle distance, then starting a lazy fall back down as the ground underneath shook. He missed the flash of movement to his right that could have been two men carrying large packs. They didn't miss the glint of reflected light from his faceplace and ducked behind a truck-sized rock.

Story continues here.


sam said...

Continued fine yarn, oh lovely and talented one. I would love to hear more back story.

Of our heroine, too. Just how did Bobbi get to work on a starship?

WV: hablea. As is, no...?

JC said...

Nice bit of work, please keep it going. The previous bits got me throug my last bit of the 'flu.
I'm almost afraid to read it piecemeal, rather than letting it build up into a a full meal.

Rob K said...

"the _other_ other hand"

I think you meant the gripping hand?

Great story! You really have the talent.