Friday, February 12, 2010

Business Idea For The Coming Economy

Now: Check-cashing outfits like Check Into Cash, "Walk in with a check, walk out with cash!"

Once Our Pals In D.C. have whacked us back to barter: Chicken To Cash! "Walk in with chickens, walk out with silver or gold coin!" (It takes a lotta chickens per Krugerrand).

If it wasn't for the hunger, shortages, grinding poverty, upsurge in crime and civil unrest, I'd be cheerin' the filthy rats on; but I'm pushin' middle age and I have elderly relatives who already lived through one Depression, so let's please all vote as if it counted and try to put the collapse off for at least a little while. Also, I need some time to get the henhouse* built.

[singing] "...the all-new original, wholly non-digital Chicken-To-Cash...!" [/singing] Eat your eleven-herbed'n'spiced heart out, Colonel.
* Oh fer great Ghu's sake -- "henhouse" is another word Blogger and Firefox think I made up. Where do they think eggs and chicken dinners come from? Do they think Mr. Tyson synthesizes them? That's it, I'm raisin' ducks instead; the eggs are better to cook with anyway and I can claim they just wandered in.


BobG said...

"Oh fer great Ghu's sake -- "henhouse" is another word Blogger and Firefox think I made up."

Difference in location, possibly. Here where I grew up, we never used the term henhouse; it was always called a chicken coop.
I agree about the ducks; the eggs are better, and domestic ducks taste better than chicken.

Word Verification: spippica
Don't say it aloud, or you'll get spit all over everything.

Crucis said...

A henhouse was where the hens laid eggs. All others were kept in the coop. It made it easier to pick one for Sunday dinner.

Roberta X said...

What Crucis said, though maybe backwards (!!!) in Indiana -- around here, generally, a building called a "chicken coop" is a bit smaller than a garage; it has a shed roof and the tall wall often features windows. A "henhouse" is smaller, more like a big doghouse. Meanwhile, the eggs mostly come from egg ranches, which have long, barracks-like buildings filled with cages, chickens, chicken splat, eggs and an aroma of outstanding pungency and foulness. The old chicken coops have found other uses.

Joanna said...

What can I get for a noisy cat? She's a good mouser, but she bites. Could she get me a tank of gas?

Timmeehh said...

It takes a whole lot of hens to buy one Krugerrand... TODAY.

But you can't eat gold and in the future when greenbacks are used for TP, and Wmart ain't got nuthin fer sale, food will be one of the most valuable commodities.

Be sure to stay friends with Frank and BB. Their little farms may be the only things keepin you fed!

Standard Mischief said...

If you were quick during the first crash (2008) you could have bought platinum for about the same per troy ounce as gold (which was also down at the time)

As long as you were willing to bet that that was not TEOTWAWKI, you could have made a killing.

Roberta X remotely said...

My rule for anything you can't eat, sleep in, read, shoot, drive or ride is "don't spend any more than you could afford to throw away." Come to think if it, it's pretty much my rle for the stuff on the list, too.

needless to say, I missed making a quick killing on the platinum market.

Ed Foster said...

Send me an e-mail at and I'll put you on my rant list, along with poor, long suffering Tammy.

I know, I should start a blog, but I'm working my keister off and still getting over a nasty 80 mile an hour meeting with Bambi's daddy (karma for all that venison I've eaten?).

And, I just don't have the organization you ladies have. My e-mail won't be public, will it? Ed foster.