Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mayor Ballard Vows To Veto Guns-In-Parks

Yeah. Just what it says: one of the City-County councilmen has proposed citizens with carry permits shouldn't be banned from our city parks (and that alone should tell you it's Ed Coleman, who we should buy lunch for or something). The Mayor wants to make it unhappen.

What's at stake here is a pre State preemption ordinance forbidding the carrying of firearms in Indianapolis city parks (except the pistol range at Eagle Creek Park, of course). See, when we got preemption, the legislature was concerned that people...well, some people...in Gary, Indiana might be able to buy and carry guns, and so they grandfathered all existing city and county-level restrictions;* and if you think I'm accusing the Legislature of that time of the kind of damfool racism that disarms law-abiding members of a minority while doing nothing to stop criminals of any hue, you'd be right. But they did it and we're stuck with it until the State Congressthingies revisit the issue or city councils change their own ordinances.

Our increasingly-RINO Mayor hath sworn a solemn oath to slay the beastly notion of letting licensed citizens carry their guns in Indy parks, 'cos he's like, wanting to be a one-term mayor. Or maybe he feeeeeels guns are all creepy. (Um, I thought he was in the military. USMC? Oh $DIETY please no; but yes). Heck, maybe he'd just like to see me get stomped flat in a city park; who can say? Money shot quote from the Indy [pinko] Star:

“This never comes up in any forum I ever go to,” Ballard said of the issue. “I’m putting out what I hear from the people.”

Except there is a poll at the Star, presently running at 71% in favor of permit-holders being allowed to carry in parks (criminals already are -- why should they get special treatment?) and only 29% against the idea. The citizenry hath spake, Mr. Mayor, and they're sayin' you're full of it.

Your move, pal. The electorate's watching.
* This resulted in rules few people know about and fewer obey, like the ban on concealed carry of handguns in the town of Speedway; per the rules, open carry is okay for permit-holders. Will the next Speedway police officer you meet know that? Don't count on it!


JC said...

Checked the Wiki link - looks like a born and bred REMF, is you ask me. I know that "every Marine is a Rifleman", but it looks to me as if he did ROTC for the tuition, and then shot a desk the rest of the time.
YMMV, but HAMMER the dude about it. I know guys like him that trained on '03 Springfields in rotsee, and were promoted regardless.

Texas Ghostrider said...

if u have conceal carry, if they must find the gun on you to enforce the law. You pop a bad guy, I dont think the cop with then arrest you for carrying in the park. There are a lot of stupid laws that good honest cops look the other way cause the law is stupid. Before conceal carry in Texas I had armed citizens come to my aid during a robbery. I thanked them not arrest them.

Anonymous said...

The Indy law is only an ordinance violation (fine only) but it places the peaceful citizen in a bind. The peaceful citizens want to be law-abiding, but also want to protect themselves against very real threats (especially on the very pleasant "park" that Roberta lives very near, the Monon Trail).

Why Ballard is locked, loaded and snapping in on his own foot I cannot explain. I do not think he realizes the passion involved on this issue and is in for a rude political surprise.

Shootin' Buddy

Roberta X said...

"Fined" beats "dead," IMO. Not that I would carry in a city park, ever, 'cos that would be, like, wrong.

Anonymous said...

You are the polestar of all law-abiding citizens, Roberta.

I never knowingly or intentionally carry on the Monon Trail, but a pistol will magically teleport into my fanny pack when I come off the Monon.

Shootin' Buddy

charles said...

Winthrop Avenue/ Westfield Blvd. run fairly parallel to the Monon for a while, as much as I walk around. I guess the mayor wants me to wear those sidewalks out instead of his precious trail.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Mayor Ballard: You veto this, you are through. We voted you in to get rid of Bart. We can vote you out just as fast.

Strong letter to follow.

Ed Miller said...

That Star poll is not useful since it lets you vote repeatedly by clicking the "Take this poll again" link.

And at least Ballard is unlikely to have a further career in elected office, if history is any guide.