Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Morning Observation

...No, not Orion; I'm pretty sure the Irishman[1] is out of sight by now. I eat oatmeal for breakfast nearly every weekday morning; days I don't, I'm in a hurry and have granola instead. Usually eat right here at the computer, combining refueling with composing.

This morning, I'm out of oatmeal and the seal on the hippie-flakes bag had popped open sometime in the past, admitting the Imp Of Staleness. So I am enjoying a slab of ham on toast, with cheese and mustard. (Yum!)

It has been mentioned here and on Tam's blog that my two very elderly cats spend most of their time on my (vast) desk. The desk was designed to hold a large CRT monitor; when I switched from the coal-fired Old Reliable to a newfangled and larger flat-panel[2], it left a nice cat-sized spot on the former monitor shelf, behind the warm new monitor; the cats like to doze there. Oatmeal won't get their attention; granola in non-fat powdered milk, likewise. But a ham sammich? That's a cat-magnet! Ahh, yes, their natural prey: the smoked ham. On marbled rye.

More to come later; this morning, I'm off to the dentist, thanks to a filling that escaped Sunday. It's enough to shake one's faith in cyanoacrylate.
1. 'Cos, see, "O'Ryan...."
2. Oddly, this happened right after the first set of flat-screens survived long enough at work to be replaced in upgrading rather than because they'd failed. What a coincidence!


Carteach said...

Crazy glue just seems so.... apropos.

I am certain your felines hunt was successful. People owned by cats are by definition 'suckers'.

On another note... yesterdays scouting missions were highly successful. I have a new acquisition to display.

Ken said...

Ahh, yes, their natural prey: the smoked ham.

A B. Kliban reference, unintentional or otherwise? ;-)

Roberta X said...

It seems likely.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you. I have an old cat that will eat potato. And lettuce. Nothing like an old starving diabetic cat to make your day. Turn your back on him and your Thomas' English muffins (still in the original wrapper) are toast. And he's always been a styrofoam freak. It's almost a question of finding out what he won't eat these days.

So, have you ever tried steel cut oats? I'm not a fan of oatmeal, but steel cut oats are pretty darn good. I kind of treat them as if they were grits...they have a lot in common (at least to me they do).


Anonymous said...

I have a pretty similar desk setup (for most of the same reasons), and I have been known to frequently emit garbled howls of outrage that, without the mouth full of food, would be "THAT'S MINE, FUCK OFF CAT!"

Assrot said...

Wow, I take a break for the holidays and come back to one of my favorite blogs to find that there has been a war of words with many slinging any old crap on the wall to see what would stick.

Some folks are just jackasses and always will be no matter what you say or do. I am sorry they found you. You are definitely a unique and interesting person (at least from what I can tell by reading your blog). I see no reason for anyone to come here and act in such a way.

I hope you enjoyed your holidays otherwise.

Happy New Year,

P.S. - I'd read your blog even if you did not have a comments section. Suggestion: If the nitwits continue, just disable comments altogether.

Assrot said...

By the way, if my blog handle offends you, just let me know. I'll use something else to comment with.

I think it's a little silly that something like my bloghandle would bother folks but a few bloggers have asked me to use something else.

I'm a firm believer in "Your house, your rules."

Assrot is a nickname from when I was a kid. I had a heavy southern drawl back then and when I said "That's Right" my friends said it sounded like assrot so they kindly gave me that nickname for many years.

That name is probably one of the main reasons I have a whole 4 readers of my blog but I could care less. My blog is for me not for everyone else on Al Gore's invention.



Anonymous said...

I've long thought of that constellation as O'brien the Cosmic Engineer, his spanner raised high in salute. Just before smiting some recalcitrant mechanism.