Sunday, December 21, 2008

Imogen Heap

Thomas Dolby speaks highly of her, so I thought I'd give her music a listen:



BlogDog said...

Too sewlf-consciously arty & affected for my taste.
Emm Gryner (Canadian indie singer/songwriter) is much more to my taste. Here's a uToob of her "Black Winged Bird."

Anonymous said...


She reminds me of Suzanne Vega. Not something I'd deliberately choose, but I wouldn't turn it off if it was on.

Roberta X said...

While I, on the other hand, already own the CD the lined Suzanne Vega song is from...

The first time I ever heard her name was an article in the long-defunct U.S. recording engineer's "db Magazine." Wasn't much about her music; she'd assembled a positively fantabulous effects/processing stack for touring and the db dues were squeeing over it. There's dedicated geekitude. Gee, I miss db.

Rob K said...

Check out Frou Frou also, another project she did. Really good stuff.

captcha: squiesso -- Italian for "squee"

phlegmfatale said...

I saw her in Dallas 2 years ago, and loved the shwo so much I drove down to Austin to see her again the following night. Fantastic show.

Her new cd will be out soon. I can't wait.

Baby- you gots good taste!

Roscoe said...

Try Venus Hum also. Amazon and iTunes have their stuff, but the kids make more money if you buy the CDs direct.

I recommend their "Big Beautiful Sky" album and "Songs For Superheroes" EP highly.

I discovered them when they opened for Blue Man. Annette, the lead singer, also performed this song during the headline show.

Don said...

I got hooked on Imogene Heap when I heard DJ Tiesto's version of "Hide and Seek" on his In Search of Sunrise 6 album. I love her voice!

Where's my iPod? It's time for some tunes... :-)

BTW, first post here; I really enjoy your blog! Anyone who links up to Michael Z. Williamson (and has likely read his books) is cool in my book. Greetings from down here in Kentucky!

Roberta X said...

Thanks, Roscoe -- I've seen Venus Hum doing a Raymond Scott tune and liked 'em. I'll check out the link.

D. W., thank you and welcome! I've read MZW, and usually see him at the local gun shows. Ran into him at the bank last month, which was so out of context I took a minute recognizing him. He's an all-right guy.