Sunday, December 07, 2008

Guns In National Parks, zomg, VOTE!

Now that the rule change is made and the carry laws of the State within which a National Park is located apply inside the park, Yahoo is running a poll: "Should some people be allowed to carry loaded, concealed weapons in National Parks?" Running about 60/40 in favor. Go vote and make sure the message gets across: It's okay. Law-abiding gun-owners aren't the problem.

(Update: not getting the link to work. Please stand by!) Link works!

Update, updated: here's an MSNBC poll you can get to, about 6.5% against.


Anonymous said...

Bustificated link?

Captcha: Clati. Klatuu's dream girl.

Roberta X said...

Fixy, fixy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the first poll is a loaded question, and the second has 3 good choices, vs 1 for the anti-freedom banner types. Despite the 3 good choices, the anti-free people are getting trounced.

I'm glad we have a media unbiased against the important issues of the day!


Turk Turon said...

Yahoo poll was running 57/41 in favor when I voted.

The MSNBC poll was 6.4% against.

Drang said...

At this time the MSNBC poll results are:
What's your position on citizens carrying weapons in national parks? * 273871 responses
State laws should apply. 42%
It should not be allowed. 6.4%
Concealed weapons should be allowed in all national parks, regardless of state law. 28%
Concealed weapons and "open carry" should be allowed in all national parks, regardless of state law. 24%

Anonymous said...

I have always carried in state or national parks, generally in conjunction with a hunting permit. Not to make light of laws, but all the times I have been in a park, I have seen but one (1) Parks LEO. They are just spread too thin. Also, as a note: Law abiding gun owners are by definition, not going to cause trouble. They avoid it, knowing the price of getting in trouble can be very high.

Quigley said...

I voted in both - thanks for the links!