Friday, December 19, 2008

Musical Geekery/Geekical Musery

How'd I miss these wonderful loonies? A YouTube Video about a very kewl "touch-screen" type interface led me to the sound stylings of The Evolution Control Committee. Check out "undefined," #14 in the block of MP3s at the top of the page (or "Oates & Baloney," "Stairway to Brittany" and other mash-ups), then scroll down to "Pwn Monkey." Bent? Unh, yeah. (There's odder: Beatles sans beat, " ome to ether." I'm skeered, Pa!)

A little less-bent, and what had me on YouTube in the first place, was that Og needs a W.C. seat that plays this (ignore cutesy user-added into, unless you're a big fan of Weird Science):

(This was my pick first time I heard the album). Turns out Thomas Dolby never really went away -- among other things, he's been making your phones ring for years! Has his own blog, too. 80s geek makes good. It's nice to see.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Now that's the Roberta I suspect is there just below the surface, that nobody sees. Nicely done.

Any halfmoon rest that I used that had some electronic device therin would be destroyed posthaste, but an amusingh thought nonetheless

phlegmfatale said...

THis was always one of my favorite TD songs.