Friday, December 19, 2008

I Don't Know What's Gotten Into Our Mayor

Tam points out that Indianpolis Mayor Greg Ballard seems to be stumbling his way towards Chicago-style gun control. Caleb has more detail.

What, our murder rate's not high enough already?

Here's the thing -- wrong state. He can't do it. Way back when (I believe at the same time as our shall-issue License to Carry Handgun was created), Indiana established State preemption of local regulations. A few pre-existing ones were "grandfathered" in; Gary has some unique regs and the city of Speedway still has on the books (but rarely enforced) an ordinance prohibiting the concealed carry of handguns.

Our present Governor and State Legislature have been good friends to law-abiding gun-owners, establishing the first lifetime carry permits in the nation, revamping the big outdoor range at Atterbury and other steps.

So I don't see this as anything but politically damaging for our Mayor. --Oh, and how many legally-purchased, lawfully-owned firearms have been used in crimes in Indy so far this year? The IMPD can tell you, sir. It's a very small number.

Indiana already prohibits carrying handguns without a background check and license; as far as I know, the only exception in State law is if the firearm is unloaded, "securely wrapped" and being carried to or from being bought, sold or repaired. Felons are prohibited from owning handguns. Enforce those laws and see the crime rate dwindle. Make some public noise about offering handgun training to law-abiding citizens and watch the violent crime rate shrink like an ice cube on a hot summer sidewalk.

Or keep on talkin' new limits on gun ownership and see your political fortunes melt the in same fashion. It's a pretty simple choice.


Drang said...

I suspect that your mayor has been hanging out with Noo Yawk's mayor Bloomberg.

As has Seattle's Mayor McCheese. Joe Huffman can tell you about his recent spankings...

Rob K said...

I imagine if Speedway tried to enforce that ban, they might get their butts kicked into next week because of Kellogg v. Gary.

Anonymous said...

I susspect we are seeing his true colors.
Or maybe somthing happened on that China trip? manchurian candidate style

Roberta X said...

Speedway's ban does not, I should point out, prohibit open carry by LTCH holders. Which probably is why they don't enforce it.

Roberta X said...

[GOSUB: Satire.]
[REM Warning! This is intended as humor.]
In China, they can download your brain into a supercomputer, reprogram it, then stuff all the wetware right back into your skull and nobody can ever tell. I read it on the Internet.

Damnably clever, those Chinese.

Srsly? Acton was right about power corrupting but he was describing the end result. Long before it corrupts, power bends. The wielder may start out foursquare and true, but after even a little time, he or she is bent. Twisted. Then the rot sets in.

And this is the first visible twist in Hizzoner's rectitude. Can he be salvaged, or is he to be a one-term annoyance? Up to him.