Thursday, December 04, 2008

Juggling Dynamite

If I understood what the ijit picture box was blathering about this morning as I floated to the surface of wakefulness like a squirrel in a gutter during a downpour,* there is talk in Congress of moratorium on payroll taxes.

     Oh, yeah, baby!  Go for it.  Let us plebes get a real-world taste of how much we'd get without the Federal parasite on our backs, then return to extortion-as-usual -- and see how many more citizens start wonderin' if payin' y'all to meddle in our lives is a wise idea.  

     Could be interesting.
* Dazed, annoyed and chittering. 


alan said...

If by payroll tax, they mean all SS and Medicare tax then woot.

(not gonna happen, but would be nice)

If they mean just the 7% the w2 employer pays then it would be interesting to see how that works with the self employed.

I'm in favor of eliminating withholding, which isn't going to happen either.

phlegmfatale said...

Nice ideer.
I'll believe it when I see it, though. I'm amazed they'd even let the words pass their lips.

Carteach said...

When porcine aviation challenges the near earth cargo routes. Those prevaricating pondish life forms in Congress would rather drive this nation into the pits of hell than give up a dollar of hard stolen 'revenue'.

Anonymous said...

"Moratorium"...? As in, "We won't collect it right now, but you'll still owe it next April"?

Oh yeah, bring it on!

(Of course, I've always been in favor of moving the tax deadline to the Monday before election.)

TW: "evill"
Why, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yes. After all, this withholding was only a "temporary wartime measure". (That war was WWII.)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to take home what I actually get paid. Make life a lot easier for me!!

And damnit, phlegmmy, stop with the cute pics!! ;)