Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Always Thought It Was Self-Correcting

Goes to show what I know -- In Taiwan, traffic cops will draw their weapons if they pull you over for not wearing a helmet and think you might be fixin' to flee.

     Here in Indiana, we have "helmet laws" but they don't apply to responsible adults.  Young riders and those with learner's permits are not only required to wear helmets, they're not supposed to be on the roads after dark; once you've got an actual motorcycle endorsement, it's your decision.  --In practice, the opposite obtains and other than a handful of hardcore old school riders, the helmetless are far more likely to be youthful and/or on learner's permits.  One presumes they either learn the hard way or remove themselves before passing the riding test.  Hello, Mr. Darwin.

     Me, I'm lookin' for 10" studded snow tires for my Chetak -- but perhaps I should save  up for a rustproofing job first. 


Anonymous said...

Check out the Aerostitch catalog:


They sell self-tapping studs specifically for scooter tires.

This being Minnesnowta, we also know about rust, since by the end of winter the roads all have a nice, white glaze of salt covering them.

phlegmfatale said...

There are a lot of people making it to breeding age who oughtn't, these days. Darwin, indeed.