Sunday, December 28, 2008


I don't care what your particular ism is; I'm sure you consider yourself quite an expert in it. I blogged about some very tentative notions I had, things I was working out, and found myself in a tempest of comments about my own lack of philosophical rigor, found my friends rudely taken to task for their beliefs in the comments of my blog, and was told I was too thin-skinned for the rough-and-tumble games the big boys play. (The implict assumption being I was even interested in such. Bzzt! Wrong!)

Gee, all this time I thought this was my little blog that I did for my own amusement. I had no idea I was teaching a philosophy class -- or enrolled in one.

Because I wasn't.

Looky here, if you want to share the superior virtues of your own political philosophy, go do it on your own blog.

If you want to show said superiority by pointing out the faults, flaws and failings of others in place of demonstrating the virtues of your own, you are, in my opinion, a fool and lousy salesman for your ideas. The Competition may indeed stink on ice but until you show you're made of perfume, it's your aroma, too.

This is a little blog. Not even D-list. I have never made any attempt to get links; never pointed out something I thought was especially good to the really big blogs, rarely asked for links (I did bother overworked Alphecca about gettin' a reciprocal link), never advertised and never chose a topic based on how likely it was to get attention. If what I write gets traffic, yay-hooray. If it does not, so what? It saves me using up lots of paper or space on my computer's HD.

That's all it is. I don't make any effort to be especially consistent. What you get is what was in my head when I sat down to write. And I didn't do it for you, I did it for me. Anything you get from it is just gravy. (And it's free, too -- worth exactly what it costs).

I have enabled comment moderation. Your comments may not appear as rapidly as you might wish. And to this post, not at all.

(Update, Sunday morning: I recall encountering online Robert James Bindinotto, a bigtime Objectivist/Minarchist guy and as philosophically consistent as they make 'em. One of the really striking aspects of his interaction with others was that he was unfailingly polite, even when he was slapping them down. Such men are the standard by which I judge all men. A good many of them fall short).