Friday, December 03, 2010

Seasoned Sounds

Ah, the modern, all-purpose, inoffensive carol:

Dashing through the Stuff
In some kind of open Thing
Oh, what joy we'll know
Oh, what songs we'll sing!

Generictime, Generictime, Generictime is here
Filled with joy
And goodwill
And general Holiday cheer!

To the stores we'll go
Making registers ring
How we'll spend and spend
We'll buy most anything!


We won't offend a soul
(Should we have used that word?)
A cultural black hole
Come on and join the herd!



Jeffro said...

Ho Ho Ho! Oops, that's probably judgmental and wrong to say. Oh dern.

phssthpok said...

Point of order:

Isn't 'holiday' a derivative /conjunction of the two words 'holy' and 'day'? Wouldn't that be a religious sentiment?

Come to think of it , I suppose you could claim you were being 'continental' since the Brits seem to use the word 'holiday' interchangeably with 'vacation'.

Tango Juliet said...

"Spend and Spend" was considered evil and selfish during W's term but now of course, it's good for the economy.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'm still trying to figure out why the ISO's holiday concert is called "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Yuletide".

Unless there is a copyright/trademark issue (and even then, suck it up and pay for the license, fer cryin' out loud), that just plain grates on the forebrain every time I hear it.

Joanna said...

At least "Yuletide" makes no bones about the thumpingly pagan source of the proceedings. 'Cause, you know, that manger was lined with pine boughs and holly ...

/still enjoys Christmas, but it's a nostalgia thing these days ...

Old Grouch said...

Rub your hands, December's here,
What a wonderful time to be Glad and merry!
Just so you're mercenary too!

staghounds said...

Raaaacist, that's African-American hole.

(Or Afro-Carribean hole if you're in England.)

Stingray said...

I'd just as soon the chorus to christmas carols be as many gunshots as necessary to cease the racket. If the tune is bad enough that it can only come out to play one month (stop laughing) per year, then just leave it on the damned shelf for that month as well. I do, however, approve of the lyrics in this case.

Of course I've reached the point where I'd just as soon the sun didn't come back after all, so mileage may vary.

Joanna said...

Stingray: The problem with Christmas carols is that many of the older ones are, in fact, lovely and uplifting pieces of music. They've just been so badly overexposed that they're the musical equivalent of the Mona Lisa Pshopped to have her finger up her nose.