Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Three fresh inches of snow on the ground (and the residential streets), plus freezing mist. On the happy side, it appears the moon was not devoured overnight and the Northern Hemisphere's* long short day's journey into light is clicking along the cosmic rails right on schedule.


I am within a dozen pages of being done proofreading. Planning to accomplish the last little bit of editing and formatting over the long weekend and I should be ready to send I Work On A Starship off to the printers!


Speaking of the Hidden Frontier, the next chapter in the current arc is undergoing some revision -- we were about to do a bit of possible endangerment that was entirely uncalled for.


And speaking of revision, I'm off to the dentist this morning , though I don't know who it will be. Recently learned my dentist passed away unexpectedly. He was a very good guy and my heart goes out to his family, and to his co-workers, who thought very highly of him.
* Gloat all you like, Australians, EnZedders and everyone else far enough south of the Equator to get a winter-type Winter. Your turn is coming. What goes around the Sun† comes around, axis tilting as it rolls!

† I called it the "Sum" in the first draft but that just didn't add up.


Stranger said...

Check the weather in Oz, Madame X. Much of Oz is virtually certain to have a White Christmas for the first time in history.

The links I posted go to scenes that are very pretty. They remind me of 1940's Christmas cards. But when you consider much of Oz is tropical, they are a serious warning for those of us in the "podes."


Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, I guess those who have the Werewolf gene were able to have a night off for the holidays. Of course, the Vamps probably took advantage of the Eclipse and decided to stock up.

perlhaqr said...

Too many clouds for ol' Fenris to find the shiny thing.

Kinda disappointing. First time in 456 years we get this sort of event, and we have major cloud cover in bloody Albuquerque. :(

BobG said...

Too much snow here in Salt Lake; Fenrir went hungry last night...