Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Sorry, nothing new for this evening -- I have been seriously worried about Tam and the tooth; she copes with the discomfort well but hates all the folderol and overhead of dealing with the issue. I don't blame her for that and especially not in light of this being her most major issue along those lines, ever. (Me, I have had lousy teeth all my life and welcome advances in dentistry with glee. They've kept just ahead of most of my teeth, sigh. I tend to nap while they drill and fill). Her dental insurance is what mine was until my current job (opens pocketbook, gnats fly out). So she's checking her options.

Spent a half-hour this morning uploading files for the I Work On A Starship book in the wrong format and some time tonight correcting that. If -- and it is iffy, the text is a PDF and they loathe PDFs because Us Customers struggle with formatting -- I can get it right, I should be able to keep the price under $10.00 per each plus shipping. Autographs are free. Ask real nice and I might be able to get Big Tom, Handsome Dave and/or Conan the Objectivist to autograph them. Maybe even Turk Turon if the timing is right.


NotClauswitz said...

Good luck to Tam, and to YOU with the book! My Mom (we) shipped off (FTP'd) the PDF of her family genealogy book (that I put together) yesterday, and then decided she needed a proof-copy, so the Xmas launch is off and it won't be in hands until January. More fine-tuning I'm sure. :-) Happy December!

Ruth said...

no idea whats an option in your area, but if you have a Dental school in the area they often have final year students practicing dental care for a much lower price than an "actual" dentist (they should be properly supervised to make sure they don't glue the patient's mouth shut), friend of mine broke a tooth and had no insurance, went to the local dental school and had it done for about 1/2 the price the dentist quoted.

Don M said...

I would like autographs of Roberta and Tam on mine.

Sendarius said...

What Don said!!!

Put both autographs on a copy and I'd pay double.

wv: chrom - is that how Conan spelled it??