Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Very Successful BlogMeet

Featuring our occasional visitor from a couple states over, PA State Cop! As well as Nathan, Joanna, Old Grouch, The Jack, Tam and Your Correspondent.

I handed out proof copies of the book (filled with errors) in both formats and I'm hoping for comment one way or 'tother; verdict seemed to be they were very close on quality and it came down to preference for trade size vs. paperback.

Many splendid tales were swapped and the usual interesting convergence/overlap of interests was found. (For instance, PA State Cop? Huge Discworld fan -- but aren't we all?) And you could've heard 'em and added your own -- if you'd'a been there!

A lot of gun talk, of course; it turns out one of the assembled has developed a yen for nickel-plated revolvers...and an allergy to nickel. :( There's always hard chrome, though it doesn't have the same soft sheen.

A cold day like this, many of us had BRBP's chili (served, in some versions, with guacamole sauce and tortilla strips; on a whim, I combined 'em all: yum!). Their large, soft pretzels were very much in evidence, too.

...And when we headed home, Tam discovered she had a low tire. It's been aired up and we'll see if it holds.


Mad Saint Jack said...

I might try to make the 1500 next month, so if the blogmeet lines up that would be cool.

Roberta X said...

I'll see about arranging it that way!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

A good time was had by all. I was sorry I had to leave at 5.

I read something like 100 pages last night before I fell asleep. To be honest I did not see that many typos, and usually they pretty much leap off the page at me.

Jay G said...

Hmm. Indiana's not *that* much further than OH... :)

Joanna said...

Heh ... Unfortunately, "What a pretty firearm" is outweighed by the subsequent "OW IT BURNS IT BURNS WHYYYYYYYY" when I pick it up.

George said...

All of my Smiths were stainless ... except for the M625 ... which was nickeled. A very attractive finish.