Sunday, December 05, 2010

New Header!

I Haz One. Are they leaving a squirt-booster launch, or is that just the 8:15 to Tahoma or Bodoni?


JB Miller said...

I like it! I just made a new header too!

Roberta X said...

A mill, you've got -- and an appealing one.

Some can, some can't. I am reminded of my Aunt who married a Hahn -- "Rooster" -- and collected various rooster-art. I found it wonderful and looked up what my own last name meant.

...Gravel bar, is what. Like a sandbar, but with gravel. I didn't collect any. ;)

Anonymous said...

A gravel bar? The sort of place you'd go for a drink on the rocks?


PS - I like the new header!

Tam said...

zomg! The Chinese launched an ICBM out of western Indiana!

Alert the press!

Roberta X said...

I figure it was sputtering Far Edge glocke-ship, flown by smugglers.

OTOH, I can just picture the fiendish Red Chinese sending a sub up the mighty Mississippi, branching into the Ohio to the White River and into Williams Creek. Along about Zionsville, it dwindles down to Billy Creek and there -- the devils! -- there they'd lurk to launch a missle. Just to make the point that they could.