Friday, December 17, 2010

Ka-Blam, Made Of Win!

Received my order of I Work On A Starship from Ka-Blam! and I am quite pleased with their work. The books are exactly as promised, right down to the "slightly blurry" covers they warned my low-rez artwork would cause. The few photo illustrations came out fine and the text is crisp and clear. (Many of the comic-book/graphic novel folks use Ka-Blam! and speak highly of them. Opinion is divided over their requirement of TIFF rather than PDF for artwork but that's an equipment issue -- that argument is with the hardware, not the people running it).

...Mind you, it has all my typos, omitted words and continuity errors, just like the version; but that's on me and I'm fixing it. I think Ka-Blam!'s binding is better; the other guys have slightly heavier cover stock but not as shiny. Whattaya think?Yes, I will have a few of each at the BlogMeet. I'll have my marked-up copy, too. It's bleeding blue pencil and every one of those oopsies, I made with my very own hands.

I live in an amazing time and place. Hey, so do you!


Turk Turon said...

Save one for me!

Will Brown said...

I prefer the smaller size as it makes it easier to read while eating dinner. :)

I kinda think the smaller version has a somewhat more eye-catching cover design. The title gets lost in all the astronomical business on the other cover.

Anonymous said...

The smaller looks better, but I reckon good binding will be important.


Anonymous said...

Sincere and hearty congratulations!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Dibs on one!

Stranger said...

It makes me thankful for two things. The first was my (late) editor, who knew enough about the subject to know I intended Γ when I printed Σ. The second is that all mine are out of print.


I hope yours never become victims of technological obsolescence.


Home on the Range said...

I am on call, tox boxes in the back of the truck and beeper in hand so I won't be at the meet. Please save me one, and I would be honored for an autograph from you when I buy mine.

Do you have an artistic linky thing yet I can put on my blog for people to see it and order?

Roberta X said...

These are galleys Errors on seven of every eight pages!

I am a bit over half-way through proofreading and editing. When I am done with that, I'll convert to PDF in both sizes, check the cover art, and go back to the printers with it.

It is at that point (or shortly after) that I will have some kind of linky thing.