Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I can't write every lunch hour -- and it was for a good cause.Parts from the junkbox. It even has an "on-air" light. Just about the right size for a gingerbread house.

(It has a Teleprompter, too!)


og said...

Cute! I see the winter "Distract yourself from the brutal cold by keeping your hands busy" has set in at your place too.

Ed Skinner said...

Ah good, lots of resistance built into both the legs and the handles. It should last!

Turk Turon said...

Very cool! And I noticed the teleprompter. I especially like the use of the little IC as a "flying bridge" monitor. Nice!

Roberta X said...

It just hit me that the proportions would work -- and we had a lot of dead parts laying around.

The resistors weren't, but they are mega-resistant; the ones for the legs are kind of historical, even.

The little "monitor" IC is one of the once-ubiquitous 741s, btw.

Ed Skinner said...

Watt legs!