Saturday, December 04, 2010

There, I Fixed It For You!

Seen linked at Sebastian's, a bedwetting editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer Infringer:

"If the General Assembly returns next year with a similar proposal to expand the so-called 'castle doctrine,' the new governor will be faced with endorsing what Rendell calls a 'shoot first, ask questions later' mentality that fails to 'protect the sanctity of human criminal life.'"

Lookie here, Eddie, you ignorant and/or evil beast, telling J. Random Law-Abiding Citizen he can't defend himself or his family and friends when a malefactor threatens them with bodily harm to fails to "protect human life;" conversely, a law that, among other things, shields the legally armed individual from frivolous lawsuits when he has been found to have used a gun in self-defense does "protect the sanctity of human life."

(And when was human life actually sacred and why would protecting that sacredness be better than protecting the actual life itself, anyhow? Something wrong in that man's thinking process).

Why is it guys like the departing PA Governor fret over risks to the life of a hoodlum who points a revolver at you in the alley and demands, "Give it up," while demanding his prospective victims surrender meekly to whatever he might do? His life is sacred, but the life of a law-abiding citizen isn't even worth defending?

Gov. Rendell, baby, this is why you're losing: criminals don't vote. And even their kith and kin are getting tired of being required to knuckle under.


cybrus said...

Amen - I can't tell you how glad I am to see Slick Eddie slide out of office. Corbett will hopefully do us much better on that front. Just hope he doesn't screw us over too badly elsewhere.

CGHill said...

"Criminals don't vote."

Why do you think Rendell's party is so assiduously working to get convicted felons' voter registration restored?

Tango Juliet said...

26 states have "Castle Doctrine" laws on the books at present.

Same as when CCW laws are proposed, the handwringers go ballistic.

Anonymous said...

Governor Rendell's actions are perfectly sensible when one regards them as professional courtesy; i.e. one criminal doing a "favor" for another.

perlhaqr said...

Yeah. That's what I really fucking hate about these bedwetting ninnies. It's just fine with these fuckers if some Thugee guns me down and rapes my wife and makes off with the silver, because he presumably had a rough childhood, but gods forbid I should put poor Jack six feet under. I mean, he was working to turn his life around, after all.