Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Blame CNN

I came to -- it felt more like that than waking up -- with Tam sitting on the foot of my bed and CNN blaring on my TV.

I blame my present soul-searing headache on that.

The TV had gone off at the usual time on the usual channel and The Lodger, in a kindly mood, had come in to turn it off, thought for some reason to see what the commigentsia were thinking (so to speak), changed the channel to Ted Turner's jellybaby and got drawn in by the awfulness of it all.

I returned to full consciousness in time to have my eyeballs tugged out by a push-zoom from a handheld camera moving from the "anchor" (a leaden thing that was preventing motion) to a diminutive meteorologist; this move was followed up by the same handheld staggering across the set to end in a shot of the weatherlady from a vantage at least a foot and a half higher than the top of her head -- a shot they held she proceeded to relate the weather with the usual Ritual Gesturing, accompanied by a disconcerting amount of cleavage. I'm not at all sure what the point was -- drawing in the male viewership, perhaps? -- but as the overture to a headache, it worked all too well.

I've gulped coffee and I'm gonna go cook something. Maybe that will help.

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Justthisguy said...

Back when I had a TV, and cable, I used to giggle at the weathergal on the weather channel who seemed always to be pregnant, and always to stand in profile so that we could see her proud tummy, while waving hands at the map.

I mean, OK, we get it, Ma'am. You got you a nice provident hubby, and also a sweet gig which allows you to draw down big bucks while gestating; just don't flaunt it in our faces like that, please?