Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Starship Worker Book Update

(Heh. For two pins, I'd do one from the Russian side of the Hidden Frontier and call it TWS, too).

Item: USAS Lupine mugs are back! If I did it right, the store is here.

Item: Ka-Blam! informs me they've shipped my order, USPS priority. When they arrive, I will have a chance to compare them side-by-side with Lulu and make my selection.

Item: Proofreading is a bit over half done, edits to the MS lagging a chapter behind.

Hoping to be done and at a printer's by New Year's or shortly after, at which point they will be buyable. I will probably put a Lulu-printed version on Amazon.com, as the whole business of getting an ISBN and listing is easier that way, but that's all on spec. The "official" edition, available with autographs, etc. will be whichever one wins on price/quality.

Not sure if I will sell the galley versions or use them to level tables. The .75 errors/page average has not dropped. For some reason, I have trouble spotting even egregious errors unless the book is in my hand, in print.


Don M said...

Most of us grew up reading paper, and we have madd skills at it that only incompletely transfer to the computer screen.

It was worse back when the screens were green and the letters were white.

Still frustrating though.

Sendarius said...

Off topic: Any progress on the coffee mugs with the star-faring doggie logo?

After not being able to buy some because of some strange error, now I can't find them at all on Zazzle.

Underground Carpenter said...

Hi Roberta X,

Mencken said it was impossible to proofread your own work. He leaned on Mrs. Lohrfink and others when it came time to check galleys.


Roberta X said...

Mencken was probably right; you keep reading what you intended to write instead of what you actually wrote.

Mugs, hoping to do them shortly.

Anonymous said...

Your Zazzle instance appears from this end to be working normally. I got a shipping e-mail for my mug the other day, hopefully I should have tangible results in a week or three.


Roberta X said...

Great! I'm hoping to see mine soon.

Sendarius said...


From here in Oz, all I got from Zazzle with repeated tries to order a mug was "Request Error".

Now when I look - no mugs.

Roberta X said...

I don't get it, Sendarius. Can you order other things from the US version of Zazzle?

...I may have to try creating a product on their .au edition. Or sublicensing it to you if I can't. Swap the profits for a dropbear? (Uniquely, they've gotta let you ship those out: I know the Pacific Northwest bigfoots keep the as pets!) ;) ;)