Sunday, April 13, 2008

Al, You Promised

How 'bout that global warming?
Hunh? How about it? Please? Soon?
Or at least localized warming, anyway.


og said...

yep. I sure could use some of that global warmening here myself.

Rob K said...

Just like a statist democrat! Promise one thing and give you the opposite.

steamdragon said...

No rain?

I did, 30 degrees this morning, but dry.
Homeward was a balmy 50, tho the wind chill made it feel cooler...

Jerry said...

A fellow Hoosier, eh? Just tripped across you somewhere linked to someone. I better save this link or I'll never find you again.

All day with Hillary. Ugggh. Even at time and a half, is not enough.

Roberta X said...

Welcome, Jerry!

...To my benefit, she and I were never in the factory at the same time. I set up the microwave link and ran the wires, spending the duration of the speeches outside the building in the television truck. Those electrons won't push themselves! ;)

Steamdragon: I should've. I may today.

All: local warming is promised for today. Finally.