Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Politix: They've Begun To Eat Eachother Up

Locally, the number of candidates for the U. S. House seat late and formerly ailing Julia Carson is little short of amazing'. I don't know if she made the job look like easy work, inspired others to aspire to high office, or if the Party machines have lost control of their more ambitious kids, but the primary line-up is interesting, from the "anointed" nephew" to a physician-cum-superhero (his most-run TV ad shows presents him as ubiquitous and all-wise, and soon to be all-powerful; he's even going to "clean up George Bush's mess" as a junior member of the junior house, presumably right down to the last grape-juice stain hidden by a table in the Oval Office), at least one pencil-necked geek, another doctor and a number of lesser lights as assorted as anything the comic books ever dreamed up.

In that race, the players will 'fess up which team they're on. The Governor's job is up for grabs, too and the one distinguishing feature all the ads share is, they don't admit to party affiliation. Perhaps there's a higher honesty in that, with one Democrat running on a "new jobs" platform and another boasting how she's never, ever (what, never?) voted to create or raise a tax; I can't but think that the inattentive are gonna be let down when they open up that Republican primary ballot and the no-new-taxes and pal-to-industry ghits aren't on it. Inevitably, these two have started to snipe and snipe mean; seems "Mr. NewJobs" designs schoolhouses and lobbies like mad to get taxes through to pay for 'em, while "Ms. NoTax" has, umm, not done a lot else, either. Or so they tell us of one another.

I haven't got a dog in that fight and happy not to. The more I see of the Representatives of the People, the more I'd like to see 'em chased outta town by dogs.


Robb Allen said...

If I ever suffer massive brain trauma that requires a lobotomy and I end up running for an office, my official slogan would be

"Expect Less from Your Representative!"

I'd be honest in stating that I would have no other goal than to sit in a comfy chair for most of the day and would pretty much vote against anything that came across my desk. The government is too large as it is, no need to continue to feed it.

Anonymous said...

I think Doc Bowen was the last decent governor we had in this state.

It's an old song and everyone is tired of hearing it, but I'm still sick of the 'time' debacle in this organization of 92 counties, Mitch Daniels be damned.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Rob K said...

You can always tell who's a democrat, because they won't tell what party they belong to. Republicans usually do. It's the same way with the liberal/conservative tag.

I'm still sick of DST too, Frank. It has screwed up my day.

ironpacker said...

Next month the primary circus moves to my home state of Oregon. While I'm really enjoying watching the two Democrat candidates cut each other's throats, I'm not looking forward to countless TV ads telling me that only candidate " "X" knows the true path to "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" and candidate "Y" is an evil pathological liar or vice versa.

Sometimes it's tempting to just vote for the person who doesn't leave a flyer on your windshield.

Roberta X said...

Not a bad way to decide, Ironpacker. Not at all.

I'm enjoying the "Boys are bad" ads the gal running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination is using; she starts by slamming the present (Republican) Governor, innaccurately as near as I can tell, then lights into her Democratic opponent as a tax-raisin', lobby-mongerin' wastrel, which may or may not be true. Finally the ad flutters some vague generalities about her own stunning wonderfulness -- by which time I, at least, am ready to start a movement to replace the Governor's office with a hired State Manager, eliminate it altogther, or just pick hobos at random to serve six-month terms. Any of those would be an improvement.

ironpacker said...

Right now, I'm looking into the possibility of an alcohol induced coma until Halloween. Figure that will bypass most of the campaign tripe and still leave enough time to sober up to vote on election day.