Tuesday, April 22, 2008


With the arrival of warmer weather, I have been commuting more and more on my scooter. It calls for a much greater degree of involvement with the process than going to and from work in a car; alone on a very small machine, open to the elements, I become very aware of how thin the dividing line is between a nice ride and a scary one -- or worse. I find myself giving other traffic a wide berth and trying to see everywhere, deeply aware that I cannot.

Still, I would not trade it for anything. The critical difference between commuting on two wheels versus four? I'm outdoors. One gets a touch of this in a convertible as the scents of flower beds, newly-mown lawns and other, less-identifiable smells waft by but only on a scooter or cycle do you get boots on the ground at the stops. There are no walls between the rider and the world.

...And if I don't get in the shower right now, I may not have time to scoot!


The Old Man said...

What the non-riders fail to appreciate is the result of attitude adjustment by the mixture of zen bliss and the Force that courses through a rider during a good ride. I misdoubt that it could be just me...

Roberta X said...

Nope, it's pretty much all of us on two wheels!