Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Bees Are Lazy

...I'm busier! Work work work, as some of the last parts of the more than a year long revamping of the warp core central switching, video storage and playback agglomeration at the Skunk Works click into place. Only it more like pushing shyly reluctant elephants uphill than "clicking into place." Either way, it is the home stretch and no time to yawn. Yah, Jumbo!

One Good Thing is the better weather, which let me ride my scooter to work yesterday and as long as I keep on sked this morning, I shall do so today, too. Even with our delightful (potholed) streets, two wheels are better than four.

The Political Commentary continues to write itself. An editorialist (Connie Schultz, Cleveland Plain Dealer) in today's paper quotes a small-town Ohio preacher on his parishioners: "...they wish there was a box on the ballot that said 'none of the above.' It's like walking into Baskin-Robbins and finding 31 flavors of vanilla." See? The People get it. Sadly, their leaders often don't; the preacher continues, "I try to get them to stop asking why.... I tell them the right question is, 'Who can provide the help?" Though he then goes on the question the validity of that answer, sighing, "We don't seem to have a lot of help these days." Umm, preacherman? Aside from, gee, I dunno, maybe your faith, there never was any "help;" that's not how it works in America. Perhaps you've confused our nation with some socialist backwater?

Somewhere In There is a posting on the growth of The Leader Principle in this country and why we ought to reject it with the contempt it deserves; that will be for another time. The shower beckons!

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Timmeeee said...

The Germans tried "the leader principle" they called it "die F├╝hrergrundregel".

Only 5 million Germans had to die before they realised the error of their ways.