Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And He'll Cure Yaws, Too*

A local candidate for Congress, who has clearly taken his Superman Underroos too much to heart, is running ads promising the sun and moon in his freshman term -- he'll bring back jobs, "Roll back the economic policies of the Bush Adminstration," (tax us harder and longer, I think he meant to say) and best of all, to "Bring home the troops from Iraq and stop the violence on our streets." Umm, d00d? It don't work that way. Have you read the Constitution of the United States of America as amended along with some basic Federal law? Did you pay attention in Civics class or did you just skim the Cliffs Notes version?

The fellow is an M.D., to boot. How long is it been since our medical schools started handing out G.O.D. degrees to the really brightest graduates?
Y'don't say.

"Posse Comitatus Act." Geez-o-pete.
* G'wan, ask.


Rick R said...

OK,OK, I'll ask.


PS Take care of our girl.

Mark said...

Cheers, Rick!

Mine's a Tullamore Dew. Thanks for askin'!

Rick R said...

OK,OK I Googled it.

GeorgeH said...

Got your own baby Howard Dean there.

rickn8or said...

"Oh, that's just God; sometimes he likes to pretend he's a doctor."

Breda said...

wait a second - underroos don'tbestow special powers on the wearer? (guess I'd better save the receipt for the golden lasso)

Roberta X said...

Don't trust everything Google tells you, Rick R. Oh, it's right enough, but the expected response is "What yaws?" to which one replies, "Thanks, Ah'll have a [name of drink here]."

...And I'm a-tryin' to take care of Our Girl; the scourge of Writer's Block has done laid holt our girl and she's takin' it rough.

Breda, I think it's only the WW underoos that work.

Amusing thing is that the Ubermunchkin that's promisin' to set all this right resembles no one so much as "Peter Griffin" from The Family Guy.

Jeff said...

I laugh when his teevee ads come on.

The Dem presidental ads are pretty entertaining too. bHo seems all upset that the oil companies are making money. He wants to PUNISH them!

Excuse my language, but GMAFB! :)

Gregg said...

Uhhhmmm 'berta, the Dr God syndrome is sadly pretty common.

Roberta X said...

Yes, Gregg, but when crossed with the unrealistic promises of political ambition, it's pretty darn funny!

Obama's promise to tax The Evil OilCos is snickerworthy: they shuld be punished when what they're payin' for raw material goes up? That he's even trying this conjob tells me everithing I need to know about him.