Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm So Proud?

Yes. It was the Carpetbagger Senator from New York. Who was very much herself: late to arrive, polished, professional, strident, and puffed full of The Wonders of Big Government and What It Can Do To For You.

This is a message that plays very well indeed at a plant making tank transmissions. Especially one that almost got closed 'cos, you know, the Cold War was over an' The Experts were all sayin' the nation didn't need tanks so very much. (Ooops. Who knew?). To her credit, Senator Clinton delivered her message well and comes off much more likable in person. If one happens to be the sort of person that looks on a speech about restraint of trade and the creation of jobs by the Federal Government in the very same way that Garet Garret regarded the New Deal, perhaps not such a success; but that individual was a part of the journalistic machinery and not the intended audience.

Security at these events would make fascinating reading -- if I were to write about it. I will not. Suffice to say that my "sanitized" purse worked fine and that by the time the candidate arrived, they had the place buttoned up; once things start, you may leave the venue but you're not gettin' back in 'til it is all over.

In another city, the Other Socialist Candidate was speaking. If the Fairness Doctrine were in place, I'd mention him by State, too. Television coverage picked up the remarks of a local politico introducing him to the crowd of mainly college students, something along the lines of, "...and the values this man practices away from publicity are the values he would bring to the White House...." Er, Mister? That's what I feared.

All-in-all, were it not for the time-and-a-half, I would just as soon have stood in bed. But hey -- it paid for my income-tax accountant's fees in one day. (H'mm, and if we had less government, I might not need his services... See what happens when Gummit becomes overly large?)

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HTRN said...

"much more likeable in person".

It's a very well polished facade. Read some of the accounts of former whitehouse staff about what she's really like.

And I see my insulting, yet very accurate term for her, is being used. I approve wholeheartedly.

As for her speech about big government not going over well there, I still think Obama's speech in rural PA insinuating that they're all a bunch of gun toting, bible thumping rednecks(not necessarily a bad thing), went over even worse.