Saturday, April 05, 2008


Yes! Today's the first day in a long while that we've had the weather and I've had the time -- fired up the bicycle: two wheels, human-powered, farthest-from-the-pavement seat of any vehicle I own 'cos a way lot of me is leg an' legs gotta have room t'work! (Seriously, my bike is green and silver -- yes, Squeaky, lime-green -- and has the biggest wheels on the largest women's frame made. This keeps my knees from endangering my chin and allows me to not exceed the handlebar and seat-post height limit, which I had to on my old one).

And work my legs did.

...Up to a blistering 13.5 em-pee-aitch on the nicely-paved Monon Trail. First ride of the year (and the second, too, after lunch. Even met and petted a little playful longhaired tiger cat named Sophie at 61st St.), the front wheel's all wobbly, et-excuses-cetera.

Still, I got out and rode. Makes me feel all healthful an' virtuous and better yet, it does seem to get the circulation going.

Motorcycling tomorrow!


Squeaky Wheel said...

GREEEN! Pixplskthx.

I just have to figure out a good route for the morning-time in my neighborhood, and I'm all set. :-)

jed said...

I've been riding my bike off and on for about a month now. The winter layoff on getting exercise is very apparent -- I can't do the range I could last summer. As an extra bonus, I did the flying over the handlebars trick Friday. Which was far less traumatic than when I lost it on the Nighthawk years ago.

Don't have a motorcycle any more. Sigh.

Sevesteen said...

Why a woman's frame--Do you bicycle in a dress? I'm guessing that an average men's frame would suit you better.

Roberta X said...

Yes, I occasionally wear a skirt. Why shouldn't I be able to ride my bike then, too?

Plus, while vulnerabilities differ, fallin' on the crossbar is no fun nohow. Other than vey lightweight bikes or very heavy riders, I do not know why the male of the species tolerates it. The female is not required to and this female has no intention of so doing! :)

Roberta X said...

PS: My inseam's 36". This is rather a lot even for the "average men's frame."

Tam said...

"Why a woman's frame--"

Because she is so girly. :p

Roberta X said...

Oh! You are soooooo not borrowing my tactikewt black lace hair ribbon! You'll just have to make do with camo instead.

So there!


Joseph said...

Long Legs?? Long legs are good!!

Being a guy, I never did understand why men's bikes have that crossbar...just made for causing pain.

Sendarius said...

Joseph, the reason that bar is there is simple: rigidity (the cycle's!)

It seems that when the power output goes beyond a certain point the frame flexes if that bar isn't there. Flexing the frame absorbs power, and makes you go slower.

Mind you, the last time I hit that bar, no power on Earth could have made me walk for about an hour.

Roberta X said...

And there one has the human condition an a, er. nutshell: "You can go fast, but only at some risk of pain..."

Srsly, the crossbar is needed on a street bike if you'll be jumping curbs, etc. Ditto for the challenging x-treme spots stuff now done with a bike.

Me, I am not quite so aggressive. My bike was a gift from my ex and there was some discussion at the time; I'd had various used bicycles, mostly men's frame's 'cos of the strengh issue and I wanted something with a more-upright riding posture and, not too put too fine a point on it, girlier.

Roberta X said...

PS: There was a bit of contention here at Roseholme in re length of leg. I stand corrected: the measurement I gave above as "inseam" is the distance to the floor. I buy my jeans shorter, not caring to trip over the cuffs.