Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Morning, Another $1.298

          Or something like that.  I've been playing with a new (refurbed) Chromebook; Amazon was selling Acer C720s for $150 and for that money, it was worth finding out what the noise was about.  It's a nice little widget; won't run Q10 (my fave word processor for writing) but what it does run runs well.  The "learning curve" is all but non-existent; you can galumph along as if it was Windows and not go far wrong.  It's about a third the thickness of my Eee and half the weight.

     I've been working on slimming down the briefcase I carry to work; bicycling/motorcycling season is coming and I'd like to start commuting on two wheels.  This may fit in with that project.

     Haven't tried moving files between this and my other laptops and desktop -- I need to get them all set up for Dropbox and Google Docs, and stop moving things on thumbdrives.  (In sudden thought, why am I not saving work-in-progress in either of those offsite services, at least as a backup?)

     ...In case you're wondering, I Work On A Starship continues, I just don't have anything to publish at present.  As I get better with Scrivener (a pretty powerful outlining-and-writing program), I will get to work on putting the current serial back on course; the storyline meandered and ground to a halt.


DOuglas2 said...

I've seen conflicting reports on whether streaming video sites such as hulu/netflix/amazon work seamlessly on such hardware.

But otherwise it looks like a great candidate to replace a computer in my home that's used almost entirely for web, excel, and word.

Roberta X said...

Just remember it won'r run Windows s/w. Chromebook has near-clone apps, though, and can save in the right formats, so....

Jerry said...

I tried Chrome OS on my Dell Mini 9. Got it to talk to the wireless but it would not talk to Chromecast. My cat was quite disappointed. So I loaded Linux Mint instead. Linux Mint has a version of the Chrome browser that will connect to Chromecast. About the only limitation is Chrome browser apps won't sync between Linux and Windows.