Friday, March 14, 2014

SB 229 Passes, Journalists Still Haven't Read It.

     The headline reads, "General Assembly OKs guns in school parking lots," and while the story goes on to admit the bill only clears the way "for some people to have guns in school parking lots," that "some" being handgun carry permit holders, you'd look in vain for the fact that persons with a carry permit can already have guns on school grounds -- if they happen to be operating a motor vehicle at the time.

     Hoi polloi are already at full fret, picturing a shotgun in every trunk, a rifle behind every seat and a cheapie slag-gun in every glovebox, nary a lockbox or trigger lock on 'em.  One commenter warns, "All you have to do is brake the [car] window and now you have the gun . There needs to be more metal detesters on all school doors ."  Ah, yes, if only SB 229 didn't outlaw metal detestors....  Oh, wait: it doesn't.  Or metal detectors, either.  (Also, the Today Show is looking for a new on-screen graphics person and I think you'd brake in just fine, sir.)

     Will Governor Pence sign the bill?  Probably.  Does he know what it does?  Not if he's relying on media coverage for context.

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Anonymous said...

I have detested metal for years!