Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Year's First Scoot

     Yes, I got the motorscooter out this evening and ran over to the market to pick up some dinner-like items.  The weather was nice today, supposed to turn worse tomorrow (snow by sunrise, they claim) and cold 'til the weekend, so it was now or much later.

     Gosh, I've missed riding.  Sure, it's just 150cc, a kind of classic Vespa-cousin.  Hey, two wheels and an engine, what more could one want?

     As winter-wrecked as the roads are right now, commuting on it will be a challenge but I'm bound to try.


Keads said...

Good on ya! Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

I live in western PA and the forecast is for blizzard / whiteout conditions with 6 ~ 10 inches. Guess I'll go back into hibernation!