Monday, March 03, 2014

Less Is More

     "Roseholme Breakfast Hash" this morning, with only three ingredients rather than my usual paragraph of interesting veggies and exotic meat: today, it's just eggs, potato and sausage.

     That's all it needs.  Mind you, the sausage is Fresh Market's flavorful take on "country sausage" and the eggs are from chickens who got to eat a bug now and then.  The potato?  ...Well now, when and where I grew up, there were only two kinds of potatoes and one of them wasn't really, because it was a yam.  The other kind was large, white, and sold in big net bags.  At home, they lived in a dark and (one hoped!) cool corner of the under-counter cupboards and were used for all your potato needs from chips to fries to baked to mashed to soup.  I grew up eating them and despite all the highfalutin' breeds and cultivars out there, from Yukon Gold to Andesian Purple,* I prefer them.

     Just what I need to gird myself to go shovel the walks yet again.
* Potato aisle or Colorado herb store?  


Carteach said...

Oatmeal, Irish, with raisins.



As for shoveling.... blow that for a lark. The two inches we got can take care of itself.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Got beef stew a-cookin' in the crock pot.

Probably have my usual a little later -- bacon egg and cheese on some sort of bread.

I've already taken my complete pharmacopeia for the day. That right there is enough to fill me up till around 10AM.

markm said...

I've eaten Yukon Gold once and _only_ once. Potatos are not supposed to be sweet.