Friday, March 21, 2014

Dinner Tonight

     I had a little warmed-up colcannon for lunch.  I've been good all week.

     So tonight's dinner is a small bowl of vanilla ice cream -- okay, Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato -- exactly one serving per the label, sprinkled generously with good cinnamon and some crushed walnuts.

     It might not be to everyone's taste but it suits mine to a T.  The cinnamon-on-vanilla thing especially; if you haven't tried it, you've been missing out on one of Nature's little delights.  oooooh, yeah.

     (Also: I use one of those soda-fountain-type ice cream scoops that empty themselves when you push a lever, and I am pleased if not proud that I can still lick the left-over ice cream outta that gadget.  One scoop is one serving, and by golly I am not rinsing any good vanilla gelato down the drain that I can eat instead.)


Bob said...

The cinnamon trick sounds good. I used to live in Spain, and the local ice cream parlor I frequented would add a little nutmeg to the vanilla milk shakes, a wonderful touch (and Spanish ice cream is closer to Gelato than it is to American-style ice cream).

Roberta X said...

Nutmeg sounds good, too!