Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weather Better; Pain Worse

     You know how people have weather-predicting aches and pains?  At Roseholme Cottage, they tend to be lagging indicators instead, and the recent huge improvement in weather is resulting in sinus pain that wakes me up from a sound sleep and stabbing knee pain for Tam.

     The only good news is that we've got one more nasty jolt into cold and snow and then -- so the prognosticators claim! -- there'll be a long, steady climb into Spring.

     It can't happen soon enough.  Pretty sure the Vitamin I supply will hold out but it's a near thing.


Anonymous said...

Getting old... not for wussies. Those who can't die young.

Don M said...

Need Vitamin Morgan (Why is the rum gone?)

danontherock said...

Pain is bad but it could be worse I have been dealing with serious hearing loss since a virus in December. Audiologist said last week not enough hearing left for a hearing aid to be any help