Saturday, March 29, 2014

Road Trip

     Photos to follow, maybe.

    Later: no photos yet.  I am exhausted: Columbus (IN) Hamfest, Exit 76 Antique Mall and the dependable Montana Mike steak joint.  (And let me just say, MM has that whole "road food" thing figured out: their quality is consistent, service is fast and genuinely friendly and prices are reasonable.  Is it the very best steak I ever had?  No, I make the best steaks I ever had, but theirs are darned good.)  I did all that on six (6) hours sleep and a bowl of cold cereal for breakfast. 


Unknown said...

Exit 76 Antique Mall is definitely one for the Win column. I spent inadvisable percentages of several paychecks there during the half year I worked at Camp A.

Tam said...

That antique mall is a delight. I keep intending to make a day of it sometime with Bobbi; get down there at openining and leave when they chase us out at lock-the-doors time. We probably spent three hours in there yesterday and I admit it was rushed on my part.