Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Dinner: Egg Pomodoro

     It would'a been Eggs Pomodoro, but Tam didn't want an egg.

     That's okay; there's sweet onion, chopped black olives and Italian sausage, along with "Italian-style" stewed tomatoes and some fresh sliced grape tomatoes in there.  Mine on left, Tam's on right:

     Cooking it is simple -- lightly brown the sausage, drain it, add diced onion, cook 'til the onion wakes up, add canned stewed tomatoes, slice the grape tomatoes and add them, cover, cook for five minutes; uncover, chop a few black olives into it, mash/break up with a spatula, cover again 'til it steams.  Make a little well in the sauce, break an egg into it, cover again and cook for five to eight minutes.  (I like yolks cooked, I went for eight.)
     Sprinkle with shredded cheese and serve in small bowls.  Garnish as desired -- the sliced cherry peppers appealed to me.  Buttered toast on the side gives you something to sop up the last of the sauce with.  Rice would work, too.

     I've been reading for years "Eggs Pomodoro is so easy" and doubting it.  I was wrong; it really is straightforward, quick, tasty and kinda fancy-looking.


Windy Wilson said...

How many eggs? How much sausage?

Jennifer said...

Sounds delicious. May have to try that one

Roberta X said...

About a third of a pound -- I'd say a quarter pound would be better, or substitute whatever other meat you'd like. Only one egg in this one; there was sauce enough to poach four, easy.